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Satt Industrial Automation Pvt Ltd., are the sophisticated solution provider of all automation needs in the large, medium and small scale sectors. The company has distinguished itself by providing the fast and effective solution in the field of automation so far and takes great pride in its reputation for outstanding customer service.

About Us

Company Vision

To work as a key player in a challenging environment,where we can contribute our self in the growth of our nation & adopt our ideas in this ever growing automation Technology.

Company Mission

Provide technically excellent and innovative solutions, for adding value for all customers and operate globally as professional Automation Company


   Customer satisfaction and loyalty
   Employee dignity and self respect
   Technical excellence with professional ethics
   Organizational and individual growth Responsibility to society


The Successful 8 years of experience in designing and developing the control panels of all sector’s automation requirements, SATT has acquired the one of the best capabilities in terms and turnkey projects

Human Resources

The Successful 8 years of experience in designing and developing the control panels of all sector’s automation requirements, SATT has acquired the one of the best capabilities in terms and turnkey projectsHuman Resources
An innovative technology company Satt Industrial Automation is experienced in 4 major business activitiesManufactureSalesServiceTrainningand experienced business peopleManagerial administration teamGlobal thinking R&D TeamSmart working Human Resourse TeamResponsible Marketing teamWell trained EngineersTops from SATT
Seat Assembly System, Dymos Leir Automotive, ChennaiSeat Assembly System, Tata Jhonson Automotive, ChennaiAutomatic Car Parking System, Suvidha Park lift, DelhiAutomatic Pallet return System, Hyundai motors, ChennaiSlitter machine,  Chennai.Buffer Conveyor systems, Tantra Automation, Hubli, Karnataka.


Automotive Project

  Engine Assembly Automation control system

1. Engine leak testing machine.
2. Engine Oil filling machine.
4. Main bearing cap vision system.
5. Crank shaft counting display.
6. Grade checking for crank shaft and engine head with RFID.
7. Engine Head casket identification system.
8. System wrench & click wrench interlock with conveyor stoppers.
9. Engine model no. and spec’s display system.
10. All type of machine NG component out.
11. Engine head, crank, and blocks other engine parts washing machine Control system.
12. Engine damper pulley nut runner assembly Automation.
13. Engine test bed wiring harness.
14. Engine final testing vision and other testing system.
15. Engine test result data storage and report system.
16. Engine head bolt nut runner Automation system.
17. Engine main bearing nut runner system.
18. Engine docking pool proof system.
19. Engine battery cable Rack & lamp indication model wise.
20. Engine child parts assembly pool proof system.

Engine Transmission Assembly Automation control system

1.Transmission pallet pin setting.
2. New model addition.
 3.Input and out shaft measuring system with LVDT.
4.Gear assembly vision system.
5.TM case assembly system.
6.Tm rear cover assembly work.
7.Tm 2, 4, 8 spindle nut runner automation work.
8.Tm oil filling & oil drain machine work.
9.Tm leak testing machine work.
10 Tm storage into AS/RS system

Vehicle Assembly line Automation control system

1. Bar code scanner interface system.
2. Engine panel return conveyor system
3. Front and rear suspension carrier control system.
4. AC gas filling system.
5. Fuel filling system (petrol and diesel).
6. Tier balancing and centering unit.
7. Tier mounting vision system.

1. Body shop line Automation control system.
2. Paint shop automation work.
3.Press shop automation work.
4. Foundry shop automation work.

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Process Industries

  1. We have implemented more than 500 conveyor systems, helping our customers fulfill their orders with accuracy and on-time delivery.
  2. Whether you are conveying individual products, full cases, or pallets, we can recommend the appropriate equipment, technology, and material flow layout. 
  3. Our engineering team designs conveyor systems using 3D modeling tools, allowing you to visualize and simulate how your final system will operate.   

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Conveyor Automation

A quality system  begins with asking the right questions to ensure your conveyor system meets your specific needs.
1.      We Design and provide control system solutions meeting Environmental requirement of Food and Beverage industry
2.      Cost effective control solutions for faster productivity and quicker set up changes
3.      Receipe management systems with formulation secured
4.      Mixing and oven optimization
5.      Historical data recording and performance monitoring
6.      Energy monitoring system

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Automated Parking System

1. Design concept control panels

2. Manufacturing control panel.

3.Assembling the main control panels.

4. Control panel wiring and testing.

5. Erection and commission.

6. Field wiring and i/o test.

7. Cable tray layout and rooting in site.

8. System trials trouble shooting.

9. Documenting and system handover to OE or End Customer.

10.  AMC supports for Rotary parking / Tower parking / puzzle parking / stacker system / Multi level parking/ AS / RS system / Two level parking and other customized parking system.

1. Main control panel with Operation Box.

2. RFID based parking cell with read /write controller.

3. HMI (Human Machine Interface) for Easy Operation

4. SCADA (supervisory control system) for Easy Monitoring and Trouble shooting

5. Alarm History for Easy Maintenance Activity.

6. Automatic Car Spec’s identification with smart sensor to (SUV, sedan, hatchback) car sizes.

7. Free allotted cell programing for easy unloading cars from the Palled

8. Fail shape mode to unload the car without Controller and HMI supports.

9. Dual circuit operation for system failure system.

10. Preventive Information for All filed devices like sensor, limit switch, VFD and Others.

11. Three level password protection (Operator, supervisor and Engineer)

12. Using standard products and customized design.

13. Using remote inputs / output to Avoid multi core usages.

14. AMC call for all type car parking system.

15. We design complete Automation system concept based on your Mechanical layout.

Our customers and OE list

  1. Chandra mall – suvithe park life company

  2. Elenet park – suvithe park lift company

  3. HDC Guindy – suvitha park lift company

  4. Chennai silks, Vellacharry – E-star parking

  5. Chennai silks, Tirupour – E-star parking

  6. JRT Jewelries – E-star parking 

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